I have been interested in growing plants since a young age.  I gained my knowledge of plants both through hands on experimentation and college course work.  I attended Oregon State University where I studied Botany and Plant Pathology.  As I became a father I became interested in growing the most nutrient dense food I could to feed my young family.  In this process I designed and implemented a permaculture food forest to provide us a sufficient bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables year-round.  I then transitioned my passion into a business to spread my knowledge and skill of the healing properties of food.  This led to my relationship with NE Baptist Church which kindly allowed me to farm on a unused 1/4 acre plot of land.

On my path to grow healthy kids I gained my working knowledge of the link between soil health and human health.  By supercharging the soil with micro and macro nutrients along with abundant organic material I provide the building blocks for healthful regeneration of the body.  By feeding the soil food web with abundance, the vegetable plants to draw from an overflowing soil bank of nutrients.  This bank provides all the elements needed for healthy life on earth.

I am confident that my mission is to provide the people of Portland, Oregon with the healthiest and best tasting vegetables around.  Let your palate work its magic and lead you on the path to health.